Our hospital portfolio is a diversified portfolio of facilities providing acute and post-acute care services by best-in-class hospital operators / tenants and includes:

  • Acute Care Hospitals offering a wide range of services such as fully-equipped operating and recovery rooms, obstetrics, radiology, magnetic resonance imaging, intensive care, surgery rooms, oncology / nuclear medicine, therapy, rehabilitation and out-patient services.
  • Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals providing care for patients with complex medical conditions that require more intensive care monitoring and longer stays than are generally available in most skilled nursing facilities.
  • Specialty Surgical Hospitals which are licensed as acute care hospitals but focus on providing care in specific areas such as cardiac, orthopedic, neurology and pain management.
  • Rehabilitation Hospitals providing inpatient and outpatient care for patients who have sustained traumatic injuries or illnesses such as spinal cord or head injuries, strokes, neurological diseases or orthopedic problems.

Our hospitals are generally leased to single tenants under long-term triple net lease structures.