Our Strategy

Our primary goal is to increase shareholder value through profitable growth and dividends. Our investment strategy to achieve this goal is based on three principles — opportunistic investing, portfolio diversification and conservative financing.

Thomas M. HerzogPresident and CEO

“Our strategy is to meet the real estate demand for private pay health care companies and seniors, and to capitalize on the favorable demographic trends of aging Baby Boomers. As seniors age, they will continue to seek new and innovative drugs and healthcare devices, which will be serviced by our Life Science portfolio, outpatient services and specialist doctor visits conducted in our Medical Office properties, and Senior Housing communities that offer social activities, daily living assistance, and coordination with outside healthcare providers.”

Execution & Investment Insights for Customers:

  • Value our relationships with healthcare operators.
  • Focus on operations with market insights that deliver more than just capital.
  • Understand that operations drive the value of real estate.
  • Invest for the long-term.
  • Deliver quickly without surprises.
  • Committed to sustainability in our facilities.
  • Provide a consistent source of capital with at a competitive cost.

Above-Market Performance for Investors:

  • Deliver long-term stable growth through market cycles.
  • Add and build upon leading healthcare relationships with sector-focused professionals.
  • Provide diversified capital allocation across the large, growing healthcare real estate segment.

We invest and manage our real estate portfolio for the long-term to maximize the benefit to our stockholders and support the growth of our dividends. The core elements of our strategy are to:

  • Acquire, develop, lease, own and manage a diversified portfolio of quality healthcare properties across multiple business segments and geographic locations
  • Align ourselves with leading healthcare companies, operators and service providers, which over the long term should result in higher relative rental rates, net operating cash flows and appreciation of property values
  • Allocate capital targeting a balanced portfolio between longer-term escalating triple-net leases with quality tenants, and operating businesses with shorter-term leases in medical and life science office and senior housing RIDEA
  • Maintain adequate liquidity with long-term fixed rate debt financing with staggered maturities, which supports the longer-term nature of our investments, while reducing our exposure to interest rate volatility and refinancing risk at any point in the interest rate or credit cycles
  • Continually manage our balance sheet with a targeted financial leverage to 40% relative to our assets.